Science Blast 2019

We, Fifth Class went to the RDS, Dublin for the ESB Science Blast on the 6th of March. We has our own display area and learned a lot from doing this project and looking at others.

Did you know that 75% of people buy their fruit and veg in plastic waste, and only 9% of that is recyclable?

We were shocked by this and wanted to make a change.  Our project title was ‘Are there alternative ways to package fruit and vegetables in an effort to reduce plastic waste’? Our conclusion was YES! There are many alternatives. After completing surveys, writing to supermarkets, researching, designing and making and writing our results in graphs, we came up with solutions for this waste like a recyclable and re-usable cardboard banana holder, boxes and materials that could be composted for holding fruit and veg.

We are trying to spread our message through our motto ‘1 less plastic, 1 less waste’.

We got great feedback from the judges. We included everyone, we even won a trophy!

We loved the project and the RDS was a great day out. As well as a chance to look at the other exhibitions,there were shows put on too, demonstrating science experiments. It was a great day overall, and we would recommend it for other schools too!



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