5th Class

Múinteoir: Mrs Dwyer

April 21


Our project is about different types of seaweed, how they have adapted to the sea and what it is used in, e.g.: [toothpaste, seaweed baths, to flavour stews and casseroles and originally to thicken soups and set jellies.

Project by: Elizabeth, Maeve, Macdara, Jake, Conal, Sam

Ocean Project

By Danya, Eoghan, Olivia, The largest earthquake

Ireland had was offshore to the west of Ireland.

With this new data gathered from the ocean floor, they will be able to learn more about their occurrence and frequency and the potential hazards they may have for Ireland.

We were learning about the ocean and that a tsnunami is an under water earthquake. Researchers are dropping seismometers  deep into the ocean to find out more about the mid Atlantic ocean. Having lunch on the boat is like eating on a rollercoaster!

Our Ocean Project

We did our ocean project on Marine Litter!

We learned about how long different items

take to biodegrade. We realized that natural products take a lot less time to disintegrate than synthetic products.

5th class did some Explanation Writing on the topic of buoyancy and how exactly ships can float. 

The second photo shows the Lava Lamps that we made with Ms. Cahill. They were made using oil, water, fizzy tablets and food colouring.