5th Class

Sports Day

We held our annual Sports Day on Wednesday, June 13th this year. Thankfully, the weather remained dry and we were able to have a fun filled day full of activity and smiles. Thank you to all our staff for facilitating the different events throughout the day. The arrival of Mr Mac (the ice cream man) was cheered by the pupils and thank you to the Parents’ Association for organising this treat for all our pupils. The sixth class vs teachers/staff match was evenly contested this year. Thank you to Mr Byrne for organising the game and 5-5 was  a fair result! Well done to the winners of Mrs O’Sullivan’s soccer league on the day also. Please click on the slideshow for all the photos!!

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Grandparents’ Day

Grandparents’ Day took place this year on May 4th. We love to celebrate this special day here in the school with all those grandparents who can attend from near and far. Thankfully, the weather was fine and all our guests could sample the daily life of our school. Our school was a hive of activity during the morning and all our pupils were delighted to display their work and talents. Grandparents’ visited the classrooms, interacted with the pupils and were entertained by poetry, singing and traditional music. Thank you to the Parents Association for providing refreshments throughout the morning. Please click on the slideshow below to see some photographs from the morning. Great memories for years to come….

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On Friday 4th May there were great celebrations when our school invited family, friends and guests to join us in raising the Active School Flag. On the day we showcased one of our ‘Fit for 5’ routines, with all students and staff getting involved. Next, the Active School Committee and Ms. Murphy spoke about the process from beginning the programme to receiving our flag. We then asked our invited guests Jimmy Crowe and Annette McCarthy to formally raise the flag for us, to which there was great cheers and celebrations. The infant classes waved their own mini flags that they had made. Around the school we had photographs of our active school weeks activities and other achievements, as well as our new homemade Ballygarrett Active Flag that classes designed together. 6th class performed some Irish dancing for us to conclude our day.

We are very proud to receive our Active Flag and want to thank everybody for helping us along the way. Don’t forget our Active School slogan.. If you want some fun, be an active one!

Living Arts Project Exhibition

On Friday, April 20th fifth and sixth class visited Wexford County Council and Wexford Arts Centre as part of ‘The Living Arts Project’ with John Busher. The classes had worked with John over the course of the year and the pieces that were made are currently displayed in the Arts Centre along with other schools’ projects from around the county.

The day began in Wexford County Council where there is an art exhibition called ‘Terra Nostra: Exploring landscape past and present’ curated by Karla Sanchez. The pupils were brought on a tour of the art and asked to respond to the pieces on display and write down their thoughts about them. There was also time to work on small art pieces and this was continued later in the day.

After a short break, we then explored the art on display in the Arts Centre which included the projects from fifth and sixth class. It was great to see our masks, t-shirts, printing and painting on display alongside many other interesting art work. Other schools had created ceramic, print, digital and abstract art work.

Pupils finally participated in the last workshop with John exploring sculpture and then using tones to draw. The trip was an excellent way to complete our experience of ‘The Living Arts Project’ and it was enjoyed by all!

10 @ 10

We are completing 10 @ 10 challenges during the school day in our classrooms and together on  Fridays, outside on our yard.

Healthy Eating Fortnight

Healthy Eating Fortnight was a huge success in our school in January. Each class tried to incorporate healthy eating as part of a healthy lifestyle into our lessons. Classes created food pyramids, food diaries, tasted new fruits and vegetables, designed posters to motivate and encourage us to make healthy decisions and overall, talked about the little steps we can take towards  healthier choices at home and in school. We even challenged classes to think up of an A-Z of fruits and vegetable names. We will continue to make these choices as we pack our healthy lunches each day.


2nd Class Houses and Homes

2nd class have been busy constructing houses and homes from recyclable materials in Art over the last few weeks. We began this project to tie into our oral language theme. First, we had to draw up plans for our houses. Next, we gathered materials and began the first process of sticking these materials together and covering with masking tape. After that, we painted the houses before finally, adding the finishing touches to our creations. Don’t they look great?

We had great fun doing them and learned lots about the building process, and the different types and sizes of homes.

Active Advent

A big thank you to the members of the Active School Committee for creating Active Advent calendars for our classes to use during December. Each day a window on the calendar will be opened to reveal an exercise or activity to get the class moving! It’s a fun, easy way to keep us fit and healthy during this festive season.

Well done to all classes on the recent ‘Run Around Europe’ challenge also. We made it to some our European destinations to date,while others are still ongoing. We can see big differences in our fitness levels as we run our laps. Keep going!

Team Hope

It’s that time of year again. Our pupils have been busily preparing, wrapping and organising items for their shoebox donation to Team Hope. This initiative brings great joy and happiness to our school community as we give those who have little, something special for Christmas. Thank you to our Parents Association who have facilitated this charitable drive within our school, it would not happen without their volunteerism and efforts. Last year, we donated 114 shoeboxes after a huge effort by all. This year was no different, our families donated 128 shoeboxes in the end. Thank you so much to everyone and especially Ms Gardiner’s 5th/6th Class who loaded up the precious cargo in a team effort. Please see the video link on our twitter account for the chain effort organised by Ms Gardiner to help load all the shoeboxes.