Mission accomplished! We’ve completed a marathon!

Our 5th and 6th class students have been busy taking part in the Marathon Kids programme over the past 8 weeks. This fantastic initiative, ran by Sports Active Ireland, saw our students undertake completing the distance of a marathon (26.2 miles) by breaking it down into daily running distances. They started with shorter distances and built it up to running 2000m at a time. It also included some lessons on nutrition, exercise and training. We were lucky enough to host David Gillick to our school during the programme. He completed a warm up with the class, answered some insightful questions and ran along our walkway route with us. It was a very inspiring visit! Our whole school completed the final mile together and 5th and 6th class students received their well deserved medals. Watch out for some potential athletics stars in the future!

Beach Clean Up

Our 5th and 6th Classes paid visits to our local beaches to help tidy up and take pride in our place. Thank you to the Tidy Towns Committee for helping Mrs Dwyer and Mr Sutton organise the trip. See below some photographs and recount pieces of writing from some of our pupils.

STEAM in a Box!

Scroll below to see all the amazing work our 5th and 6th Class pupils did with the “Steam In A Box” project.

Flew To You

We were delighted to welcome Colin Travers and his birds to our school last week. Colin brought various species of owls and hawks for all classes to see, hold and learn about. The pupils thoroughly enjoyed their feathery visitors to the school. Click on the slideshow below to see some photographs from the two days.

World Book Day 2022

All our pupils and staff really enjoyed dressing up as their favourite character from a book this year. This is always a fun filled day where the pupils get a chance to dress up. Please click on the slideshows below for a flavour of the costumes.

Ár Nuacht ón Rang 6

Well done to Rang 6 for creating this lovely piece to camera about Nuacht sa Scoil. We are already looking forward to the next episode. Maith Sibh, lean ar aghaidh ag obair go dian.

Recycled Decoration Competition

Another fantastic effort from our pupils in all classes this year! Wonderful creations made from recycled materials. Thank you to our local Tidy Towns Association for sponsoring all the prizes, thank you to our SEN team for judging the entries and thank you to all families who helped out at home. Please click on the video link to see some of the creations. Well done to all involved in our Green Schools Committee!

Active Advent

It’s that time of the year again! Active Advent is upon us once again. Each class has their own Active Advent calendar and will open one new window daily to reveal an active challenge or game to complete. We hope it is a fun way to get us all in the Christmas spirit and moving more often. Thank you to the Active Agents for organising our December initiative.

Pupils from 3rd – 6th Class are having their say on how they would like our oceans and seas to be used in the future. 

Using their artistic skills they designed a poster or a 3 D model to illustrate their ideas.

I think you will agree that the future of our seas will be in good hands when these budding planners become adults in the years to come.

Here are some of their ideas:

“Our project is about what is in our oceans. There is a lot of plastic killing the fish. It shows a whale with plastic inside him.”

“Our project shows how to help the ocean.”

“This is a 3-D model of life under the sea. You can see cans, plastic, fishing nets and lots more. Please don’t litter because you can see what happens when you do.”

“In my project I have a string of a mask tied around a sea gull’s beak and a plastic bag around a turtle’s neck. I have some styrofoam floating in the sea. I used tissue paper from a package to make the sea and a shoe box lid for the base. I even used a stock pot container to give it some height.”

One of our pupils made an underwater model of the ocean floor using clay and painted it a beautiful deep blue colour. 

Here are some tips from these young Marine Experts on how to prevent marine litter:

1)Use less plastic

2) If you must use plastic then make sure to recycle it properly.

3) Switch to reusable shopping bags.

4) Use paper straws, never plastic.

5) Use Tetra Pak instead of plastic

6) Use refillable containers instead of plastic disposable ones.

7) Avoid plastic cutlery – it’s such a waste!


Maths Week 2021

Thank you to Rang 6 for organising our Maths Week this year. All our classes had great fun engaging with all the activities and the Maths Fair. Click on the short video for some photographs.