Wildflower Walk by Matthew Wafer (Rang 4)

On the 11th May 2023 3rd and 4th classes went on a wildflower walk in Cahore with a specialist named Aedín Ní Thiarnaigh. Our principal Mr. Madden and teachers Ms. O’ Meara, Ms. Rooney and Ms. Byrne accompanied us. 

We met at the car park at Cahore South beach at nine am. The first flower we looked at was the blackberry flower. Aedín told us that in Inis Meáin they have a secret word for it, the word is ‘puiteachaí’ (pronounced pwitch-a-key). This is called so because of its squishy texture. People would also pull up the plant and carve a pipe out of the roots to smoke. They would also make the center of a sliotar with the roots! 

Next, we went on a bit further and saw a bluebell. She told us that in the olden days they would open the bluebell and a gooey liquid would come out and people used it as glue as it was really sticky. They would use it

for book binders and even longer ago they used it for the tip and bottom of an arrow. 

After that, we saw wild roses. She said they were called dog roses. She said that there were only two types of roses in the wild. 

Then I was used as an experiment to cure a nettle sting on my leg that I had gotten when I had accidentally walked through a patch of nettles. I chewed a leaf from a flower called a soldier, spat it out and rubbed it on my nettle sting. She said that they were better than doc leaves to cure nettle stings. I waited five minutes and the nettle sting disappeared, to my amazement it actually worked! 

Around halfway through the morning, we ventured into a field just off the cliff walk, we then saw the cuckoo flower. There is a story behind the cuckoo flower, the 

story is that whenever the cuckoo bird would start singing the cuckoo flower would bloom. Another story is that Holy Mary would get up early and pick these

flowers to make a shirt. That is why this flower is also called ‘Léine Mhuire’. 

After that we went into a corner of the field. She gave us something to eat. It was a white flower called three cornered leek and it tasted delicious! She told us the way to identify whether it is a three cornered leek or not is that the stem on a three cornered leek has three corners. 

Five minutes later, she told us about the hawthorn flower. The story goes that people would never bring it into their house because it was believed someone in the family would die soon after. She also told us that flies love the hawthorn plant because there is a chemical in hawthorn that emits a rotting meat scent which the flies can smell. 

After she left we ate our lunch on the rocks at the pier and saw people swimming in the sea. Then we walked back to school and saw lots of beautiful flowers on the way!

It was a really fun and cultural day. I hope she comes again!

Some photographs from our busy day today. Thank you to all who attended and made it such a memorable day for our school.

World Book Day 2023

Take a peek at our WBD slideshow…

Super excitement this Friday morning as we held our very first #AnythingButABackpackDay in the school. Our pupils had to leave their school bags at home today and bring their belongings in a novel and creative way. It is safe to say that we were thrilled with the response from our pupils and families. All the excitement helped raise some much needed funds for our local Seal Sanctuary. Even Sammy the Seal paid the school a visit on the morning to thank all the pupils for their hard work. Thank you to our Parents Association for all their hard work and organisation for the event. The pupils loved showing off their creations and ideas. Click on the video below……

Recycled Christmas Decorations

Every year our pupils create wonderful and amazing decorations from recyclable materials. This year is no different! Take a look at our video of all the entries this year. Thank you to Mrs Dwyer for organising the competition again this year. The standard is wonderful!!

Christmas Wishing Tree

As a school community, we were delighted to welcome and adore our first Christmas Wishing Tree to the school. The Parents’ Association have been working very hard to bring this idea to life. We now have a beautiful 16 ft Christmas Tree in our play area for all our pupils to admire. We were delighted to welcome Fr. Tom Cooper to bless our new tree today. Each of our 204 pupils received a label to decorate and place on the tree as a hopeful wish for the festive period and the year ahead. Thank you to Liam Byrne (parent) for providing the music entertainment and to Elaine Fitzpatrick (Chairperson P.A.) for speaking to the pupils about the meaning behind the Wishing Tree. Thank you to our local business, The Christmas Tree Farm, for their kind donation of a tree and erecting the beautiful tree on site for us. To mark this occasion, Sophie Burke (Junior Infants) & Laurence O’Connor (Sixth Class) the eldest and youngest pupils in our school, switched on the lights on the tree. Lets hope some wishes come true!!

Thank you to all who organised, supported and participated in our school fundraiser. The pupils, Parents Association and staff really enjoyed the party atmosphere. Click below to see a short slideshow.

Maths Fair 2022

As part of our Maths Week this year, our Rang 6 hosted our annual Maths Fair on the Friday of Maths Week. This is always a much loved experience for our hosts and visitors from all the classes. Well done to our pupils from Rang 6 who put on marvellous displays and energetic interaction with the younger classes. See the short slide show attached.

Well done to Eoghan (Rang 5) and Aislinn (Rang 3) who were the winners of our estimation competitions “Sweets In a Jar” & “Weight of the Pumpkin”. Well done to all our classes who participated in our Maths Trails also during the week.

Active School News

Our Active School Committee for this school year has been selected and are ready to take us on an active, fun adventure over the course of the year. Welcome to our committee members Penny, Patrick, Ella, Lachlann, Charlie, Meryl- Joy, Eve, Sarah, Dylan, Max, Sophie and Peter.

We recently held a poster competition to refresh our memories on our Active School Slogan ‘If you want some fun, be an active one! See the photos below of our top 5 entries.

We look forward to hosting our European School Sports Day on Friday, September 30th.

Our New Class – Acorn Class

We are delighted to announce the opening of our first special class ” Acorn Class” within our school. This is our first special class in the school and we were so excited to welcome all our new pupils on the first day of school. We hope that this class will settle into their lovely new refurbished surroundings and school over the coming weeks and months. The room has been equipped with lots of new resources and teaching materials to help the pupils feel relaxed, at ease and ready to learn and have fun!

Lets meet the team: Our teacher is Mrs Sabrina Healy and she is assisted by our two Special Needs Assistants, Stephen Comerford & Margaret Costelloe.

Our local newspaper , The Gorey Guardian, came out to see the lovely new room, meet the new team and get a sense of the hard work and diligence inputted by those who work in the Acorn Class.

See the link to the article below!