4th Class

Múinteoir: Ms Rooney

April 21:

1) In Geography, we have been learning all about fresh food and we decided to grow our own. We planted cress and broad beans in pots and we had a lot of fun! We learned that they need water and sunshine, so we are keeping them in the windowsill and we are in charge of watering them every day. 

2) We began Ukulele back in November with Music Generation and Karen comes to us every Wednesday. At the moment, we are practicing our chords and we are learning the song ‘Blinding Lights’ by The Weekend. This week we learned how to do the riff of the song. It has been great fun!

3) We used celery to do printing in Art! We used a printing technique with the celery stick to make flowers and different pictures. We used lots of different colours and had brilliant fun. 

4) We were learning all about magnetism in science and about different objects that are magnetic and non-magnetic. We learned about the North and South Pole of magnets and all about repelling. Ms Rooney


We’ve had a busy few weeks in 4th class with a lot of learning but most important – a lot of fun!! For Science Week 2020 we put a lot of experiments to the test!

First we had our egg drop challenge – our 4 groups had to carefully plan, design and construct a protective layer for our eggs to save them from breaking using materials such as marshmallows, straws, cotton wool and other household items – I think it’s fair to say we have some engineers on our hands!

We also learned about the importance of washing our hands, especially during these times! Using water, pepper (acting as the germs) and soap, we could see how whenever we used the soap the germs bounced away – needless to say the children have been very good at washing there hands ever since!

We made our own lava lamps that were very cool to watch! We learned that the lava lamp works because of density and polarity – learning about science through making our very own lava lamps was a very fun way to explore!

Our most recent invention were our volcanoes. In art we used Papier-mâché to form our volcanoes and we then watched the magic happen during our science lesson on chemical reactions! Using baking soda, vinegar, washing up liquid and food colouring, we watched our volcanoes explode! The mess was worth the excitement!