4th Class

Ms O’Meara

Rang a 4 Website Updates


We went on a 2-D Shape hunt around the school. On our excursion we took pictures of different shapes on the school iPads. We found numerous shapes including hexagons and parallelograms! 


I rith Seachtain na Gaeilge bhí a lán gníomhaíochtaí éagsúla ar siúl. Ghlacamar páirt i Tráth na gCeist. D’imríomar cluichí cláir le Rang a 5. Chuireamar éadaí glas orainn don Lá Glas freisin. Bhí a lán spórt agus spraoi againn. 


We looked at Peter Anton’s mixed media sculpture ‘Sensational Donuts’. It inspired us to create our own colourful donuts with clay. The finished product was almost good enough to eat!


As we approach Easter we have been learning about the Stations of the Cross. We constructed crucifixes using wooden clothes pegs and lollipop sticks. 

World Book Day

On World Book Day we showcased amazing costumes inspired by our favourite books. Phileas Fogg, Hermione Granger and Katniss Everdeen were just some of the characters who appeared in our classroom.

China Projects:

We worked hard on our geography projects on China. There was a variety of projects presented with confidence – posters, booklets, power point presentations and even some Chinese inspired cooking! We thoroughly enjoyed Sophia’s sweet and sour chicken! We washed it down with Aisling’s delicious fortune cookies!

Pancake Tuesday:

On Pancake Tuesday we enjoyed pancakes with a variety of toppings to choose from. It was a scrumptious day!

Local Wildflower Walk

As part of our Creative Clusters project on wildflowers, 3rd and 4th classes went on a local wildflower walk. We explored the field behind the school and pathways around the village. It was a beautiful day and we found numerous different wildflowers including the greater periwinkle, bull thistle and hedge mustard. 

Chess Tournament On Thursday March 9th, our school chess team visited Kilanerin National School for a chess tournament. Over the course of nearly two hours, we played several games of chess against challenging opponents. We thoroughly enjoyed the tournament and look forward to hosting one in our school soon.



English Procedural Writing:

This term we are focusing on procedural writing. We baked Rocky Road and Chocolate Chip Cookies in class. They were very tasty! First we wrote the title, ingredients and materials we used. Next we wrote the method (how we made the Rocky Road/Cookies). We have learned that it is important to use lots of different imperative verbs in procedural writing. The imperative verb is the action that the writer wants someone to do. An example: “Whisk the egg.” 

Maths Stations:

Every Thursday morning we have a Maths Power Hour. Ms. Doyle and Ms. Byrne join us. We break into six groups and spend 10 minutes at different stations. The stations include Maths games and coding on the chrome books, maths board games, following and creating patterns on pegboards, calculator work, problem solving, tables bingo and much more. Its one of our favourite hours of the week!


Every Wednesday morning we start our day with ukulele lessons. Karen is our ukulele teacher. We are currently learning the riff and chords of the song ‘Best Day of My Life’ by American Authors.


In Science this month we have been exploring the topic of light. We conducted experiments to check which materials are transparent, translucent or opaque. We also went outside and drew our shadows. We learned that when the sun cannot pass through an object it casts a shadow.  


Throughout January we have been basing our art creations on the theme of China. We painted Chinese willow pattern vases. We printed rabbits for the Chinese New Year. We constructed Chinese lanterns. Finally, we drew Chinese dragons.


This month we are basing our drama activities around our novel ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’. During a pair work role play we created a TV report. A TV reporter interviewed the character Edmund asking questions as to why he betrayed his family in favour of the White Witch. We enjoyed showcasing our TV reports to the class.


Chess club takes place every Wednesday for 3rd – 6th class students. We have learned specific chess moves such as ‘Castling’ and ‘Pawn En-Passant’. Each week as we play more games we have been getting more competent and confident in chess.

Creative Clusters:

Third and Fourth Classes are taking part in the Creative Clusters project which is focusing on Wildflowers. We have picked a committee of six members who will assist in leading the project. We have started to collect wild flowers, identify them, record their details, photograph them and finally dry the flowers. Its very exciting and we are looking forward to where this project will take us.


Not a Backpack Day:

On Friday 20th January 4th class took part in ‘Not a Backpack Day’. We were extremely innovative and creative! Some of the excellent ideas included toolboxes, trolleys, baby carriers and even a pizza box!