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Updated 30/04/2020
Hello everyone,
Please see below the attached link for Term 3. Please click on the link and read it as the information is important for your child.
The individual packs are ready for collection from the school from today, Thursday 30/04/2020.
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Ms Doyle & Ms Kehoe
Updated 20/04/2020
Please see some trick word lists and Fry’s word list below.

Senior Infants: 

Pick 5 tricky words per week. Print out the “flies” or write the words on flashcards. Learn the words, put them into oral sentences. Write the words on a whiteboard and into their copy. Put a few words in front of the child, parent calls out the word and child “swats” the fly containing the word. Make two of each word and play a game of pairs or memory game.
First class
Pick 5-10 dolch words per week. Read the words together. Put them into oral sentences. Practice writing the word on whiteboards or on a page. Write simple sentences containing the words. Parent can call out the word and child can point to correct word on the flashcards. Print or write out two sets of each word and play games like snap, memory game, pairs etc.Do a word hunt in a book and try to find each of the words. Put the words into a word box and child can pick a few words out each day and read them.
2nd to 6th class:
Pick 20 words each week ( 4 per day) from relevant fry’s lists. Print out the flashcards of these words or write them out on paper as flashcards. Make doubles of each word. Play word games like pairs, memory game, snap. Put each word into oral and written sentences. Practice writing each word 5 times each day. Do a word hunt in a library book…see how many times you can find each word in the book. Parent can call out each word and child can point to correct word. Child can look up word in dictionary and write word and meaning into copy book.
Vowel digraph game:
This is suitable for 1st-4th class. Print out game and game cards and play the game with a sibling or parent. Practice the vowel digraphs before playing game. Children have the vowel digraphs in their learning support folders.
If possible read with your child for 10-15 minutes each day. Books at the child’s reading level can be downloaded on
Look at the back of your child’s library books to find out what level they are currently reading and continue at this level. You can try the next level when you feel they are reading most of the words with ease. Your child will make good progress if they read a book every day. Read any tricky words for the child if they get stuck and encourage them to sound out the word or guess the word using the rest of the sentence to put it into context.
Use the same book for 3-4 days to develop reading confidence and reading fluency. Discuss the book and ask questions about what they have read. This helps with comprehension. Older children can write a brief summary of each book if they wish.

senior infants groups: tricky words lists phase 2-5

first class groups: dolch word lists 1-11 and Fry’s first 100 words
second class groups: frys second and third and fourth 100 words
third class groups: frys  5th and 6th 100 words
fourth class groups: frys: 7th and 8th 100 words
fifth class groups: 9th and 10th  100 words plus revision
sixth class groups– 9th and 10th 100 words plus revision
These are not spelling lists. They are for reading only and looking up the meaning in a dictionary or putting into oral and written sentences etc. You can play games with the flashcards eg. fly swatter game, odd one out, memory game etc.


THIRD CLASS fry sixth100set

THIRD CLASS fry fifth100set

SENIOR INFANTS tricky words lists 1-4

SECOND CLASS fry third100set

SECOND CLASS fry second100set

SECOND CLASS fry fourth100set

FOURTH CLASS fry seventh100set

FOURTH CLASS fry eighth100set

FIRST CLASS Dolch-Sight-World-Lists-and-Story (1)

FIRST CLASS fry first 100set

FIFTH AND SIXTH CLASS fry tenth100set

Vowel Digraph Game Suitable for 1st – 3rd Class Groups