Ms O’Sullivan

I hope everyone is staying safe and well at this challenging time. Thankfully the good weather came just in time so hopefully the boys and girls have been able to get outdoors and be active. I’m sure many of you have also be tuning into Joe Wicks or the many other ‘keep active’ ideas that have emerged on social media. To continue working on the areas of core strength, balance, co-ordination and visual skills over the weeks ahead it would be great if the boys and girls could do some of these exercises. Regular practice for short intervals is shown to be most effective (10 minutes per day for example). Most of these exercises have been practised in class and we will build on them a little every week. Siblings could join in to make the exercises more fun and interesting. I have also included a folder of ideas from ‘super troopers’, the LAYA Healthcare initiative introduced to schools in 2019. They may be useful to you and your families over the weeks ahead. Some have a ‘seasonal’ twist that you will have to ignore and the current restrictions will need to be kept in mind (3Km now needs to be 2km, etc.)

Please feel free to contact me on if you have any concerns or queries that I may be able to help with.

E O’Sullivan

June 22nd (1)


split-pin-robot-cutting activity

Summer Playdough Mats

Rainy Day Activities Parent Information Sheet


Ocean Animals Read Trace Write and Draw Activity Sheets

Exercises Jun 15th



Exercises June 8th



Exercises June 1st


0-joe-wicks-5-minute-move-workout-1-cards_ver_10 June 1st

us-a-25-spiral-snake-cutting-skills-activity-sheet_ver_3Narrative-Writing-Student-Checklist June 1st 

Exercises May 25th


Shape-Butterfly-Picture (1)

Exercises May 18th

magpie-cutting-skills-activity-sheet (1)



Exercises May 11th

Exercises May 4th

Exercises Apr 20th

Exercises Apr 27th

Being aware of our surroundings

Being Thankful

Court Game Tips

Crazy Family Races

Family 2KM Challenge 1

Family 2Km Challenge

Family Scavenger Hunt

Feather Breathing

Fun Summer Activities

Guided Meditation

Mindful Colour Spotting

Mindful Colouring

Mindful Listening 2

Mindful Listening 1

Push & Pull Activities

Rugby Challenge

Simplified Super Trooper Activities

Spring Ideas for Getting Active Outdoors

Spring into Action

The importance of Laughter

Top Dance Tips

Yoga Exercises 1

Yoga Exercises 2

Fine.Gross Motor Exercises Apr 20th