Mural – STEAM Award

This year our school was so lucky to be given an opportunity to create a mural with Waterford Walls. Our classmate Kate Smith entered the STEAM energy art competition in which she drew a picture of windmills in the ocean with the caption ‘Power The Future’. As a prize we got to do a spray painting workshop as well as creating the mural. 

Two girls who worked with Waterford Walls (Aishling & Fiona) worked with us and prepared us to work on the mural. The first thing we did with them when they came in was create stencils of clouds and fish. After we cut them out and they were all ready, we went outside and started practicing with the spray paint and stencils. We used many different techniques and colours to create our art.

Then, after some practice, we went outside in groups of four and started spray painting the wall.

We did the basics like the sand, sea and sky but some people did the clouds and some of the little details with stencils that the girls made. Then after we went home they stayed later to complete the mural. It was a long day but in the end it turned out amazing!

This was an amazing experience and we are all very pleased to say that everyone of us helped in the making.