Shielbeggan Trip 6th Class

This year our 6th class went to Shielbaggan for their end of year trip. This trip is funded by the parents Association and is a much anticipated highlight of the year. Thank you to our Parents association for organising the trip and to those parents who accompanied the class on the day.

We left the school early on Saturday morning and headed to Shielbaggan. When we arrived we met all the staff and got our wet suits. We got back on the bus and drove to Slade, where we did our coasteering.

First, the instructors showed us how to do a shallow water entry and we swam from one part of the rock to another. Afterwards, we practiced our deep water entry by jumping off a high ledge. Finally, we swam over to the “Seaweed slide” where we had loads of fun trying to climb up a slippery rock.

After we got changed we went back to Shielbaggan where we had lunch. Then, they split us into two groups. The first group went to their artificial cave where we crawled through tunnels and tried to escape. The second group went to do archery where we were split up into three teams to see who would get the most points. When we were finished we swapped over. 

At the end, everyone met back up and we got on the bus and headed to McDonalds.

Overall, everyone had a great day!