Our Ocean, Our Plan – 1st Instalment

Pupils from 3rd – 6th Class are having their say on how they would like our oceans and seas to be used in the future. 

Using their artistic skills they designed a poster or a 3 D model to illustrate their ideas.

I think you will agree that the future of our seas will be in good hands when these budding planners become adults in the years to come.

Here are some of their ideas:

“Our project is about what is in our oceans. There is a lot of plastic killing the fish. It shows a whale with plastic inside him.”

“Our project shows how to help the ocean.”

“This is a 3-D model of life under the sea. You can see cans, plastic, fishing nets and lots more. Please don’t litter because you can see what happens when you do.”

“In my project I have a string of a mask tied around a sea gull’s beak and a plastic bag around a turtle’s neck. I have some styrofoam floating in the sea. I used tissue paper from a package to make the sea and a shoe box lid for the base. I even used a stock pot container to give it some height.”

One of our pupils made an underwater model of the ocean floor using clay and painted it a beautiful deep blue colour. 

Here are some tips from these young Marine Experts on how to prevent marine litter:

1)Use less plastic

2) If you must use plastic then make sure to recycle it properly.

3) Switch to reusable shopping bags.

4) Use paper straws, never plastic.

5) Use Tetra Pak instead of plastic

6) Use refillable containers instead of plastic disposable ones.

7) Avoid plastic cutlery – it’s such a waste!