Living Arts Project Exhibition

On Friday, April 20th fifth and sixth class visited Wexford County Council and Wexford Arts Centre as part of ‘The Living Arts Project’ with John Busher. The classes had worked with John over the course of the year and the pieces that were made are currently displayed in the Arts Centre along with other schools’ projects from around the county.

The day began in Wexford County Council where there is an art exhibition called ‘Terra Nostra: Exploring landscape past and present’ curated by Karla Sanchez. The pupils were brought on a tour of the art and asked to respond to the pieces on display and write down their thoughts about them. There was also time to work on small art pieces and this was continued later in the day.

After a short break, we then explored the art on display in the Arts Centre which included the projects from fifth and sixth class. It was great to see our masks, t-shirts, printing and painting on display alongside many other interesting art work. Other schools had created ceramic, print, digital and abstract art work.

Pupils finally participated in the last workshop with John exploring sculpture and then using tones to draw. The trip was an excellent way to complete our experience of ‘The Living Arts Project’ and it was enjoyed by all!